Friday, 14 April 2017

Everyone comes to park in this road who is going to the gym or asda, 14th April

Now it is very ridiculous I can not park where I live. There is a clear sign front of the building "Private for Queens Court residents" and no one really cares. Not even other residents who live in other blocks. We have to park in their parking, if we are lucky enough not other people who dont even live in the area, park there. They even park on the pavements. They are going to the leisure centre, to work or shop at asda and bring the asda trollies here as well. Some of them live their car in the parking area for days. Also, there are lots of children living in the area and playing outside and drivers dont watch their speed. Some of them just really crazy and go really really fast. School boys come and play football on the road and just kick the cars with the balls, of course accidentally but still not good.
Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 75 The Mall, Dunstable
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April 14, 2017 at 09:52AM

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